PenguinUp is a ride-sharing service with the greatest focus on travellers. We will launch this Autumn so that you can share taxis with others traveling in your direction.

In case you are wondering why “PenguinUp”. Or, whats with Penguins!? Here’s some food for thought:

1. Smart-ass Penguins? Hell Yeah!

Penguins are extremely intelligent. They identify themselves in the mirror, respond to names and understand signs. They also communicate with one another.

2. Penguins are independent yet social.

They create their own burrows for privacy! But they also hunt in groups and mingle with one another.

 3. P for Penguins. P for productivity. 

In extreme winters, they sleep in a hurdle to not allow heat to escape. Inefficiency in heat conservation is lethal for penguins.

4. And Norway <3 Penguins!

‘Sir’ Nils Olav, a king penguin, is a mascot and Colonel-in-Chief of Norwegian Royal Guard.

These adorable birds inspired us to solve the problem of scarcity of resources while travelling – money for some and time for others.

Do they inspire you?

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