Transport is a medium. Travel is the experience

The innocent, child-like curiosity to explore a new place.  The desire to see, live in and experience that culture.  Or more simply to attend an event or spend an evening with friends in town.

We travel all the time – to school, work, events, home or when on holidays. Traveling outside regular life brings immense benefits and riches to the traveler.

  1. It opens us to new ideas and thoughts.
  2. The self-reflection can help us understand and improve ourselves.
  3. It fosters better understanding of the world – which is important for world peace.

And yet how often the means of travel limit us. The limitation could be in the available transportation resources or the price we need to pay for it. It restricts the experiences we accumulate.

We would be a lot richer if there was a willingness to share transportation and a sensible system or solution to enable it. At the end what are we if not the sum total of our experiences and thoughts.

Join us in our endeavor to bring ride-sharing in the true sense to all of Norway.

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