Save money

Save the planet

Save time

Make every seat count by carpooling

Travel comfortably and sustainably with PenguinUp, a Norwegian carpooling app!

PenguinUp is a carpooling and taxi-sharing platform

Benefits of carpooling

Save money by sharing a ride

Save money

The transport costs for each household in Norway is approx. 200,000 kr per year. Taxis  are also one of the most expensive in the world. Carpooling helps split the taxi fare or the cost for fuel and toll and thus save money.

Save environment by sharing a ride

Save environment

Road traffic contributes to 17% of the total emissions in Norway. We also have a goal to reduce emissions by 40% within 2030 and 80-90% by 2050. By sharing a ride we can reduce CO2 emissions and traffic congestion.

Save time by sharing a ride

Save time

The average daily distance and time travelled in Norway is 47,2 km and 78 minutes. Carpooling gives access to HOV lanes which reduces travel time and helps you go from door-to-door with fewer stops on the way.

Share rides in closed groups for increased safety.

Carpooling within closed groups

Groups in PenguinUp help people share rides in a closed network with people you know and trust. Some of the popular groups include carpooling between Arendal-Kristiansand,  Kristiansand-Mandal, Arendal-Kjevik and Kristiansand-Kjevik.

Send a request to join an existing group or create a new group.

Offer a ride, help others and get paid for every seat you offer.

Get paid for your empty seats by carpooling

It costs almost 100,000 kr per year to own a car, including depreciation, insurance, maintainence and parking.

So why not share empty spaces in your car or taxi if you’re already going somewhere? It’s easy to share a ride with PenguinUp. Create a ride as a driver in a carpool or passenger in a  taxishare and invite others to join!

Offer a ride, help others and get paid for every seat you offer.
Check available offers and find others to share a ride with.

Share as per your needs

Carpooling with PenguinUp is extremely flexible, no commitments required! You can choose the time and type (carpool or taxishare, passenger or driver) as per your needs.

Currently, we are operational in the Agder region. If you live in one of the Agder municipalities, then you can register on PenguinUp and take a look at the Offers section to see existing rides posted by others in your group.

Any questions?

Safety of our users is very important to us. There are multiple ways we try to ensure this. Groups – sharing rides with known people, emergency button in the app, rating system.

Our powerful algorithm matches people travelling in the same direction at similar times allowing only a 10% detour. We find the most efficient match for you which will help you save time and money.

Uber provides a taxi-service where the prices are much higher compared to Carpooling where you only share the ride with other travellers and split the costs. PenguinUp is only a digital platform for matching travellers going the same way. PenguinUp doesn’t provide Taxis or Private Cars – it is the ride owners who offer rides or book licensed taxis.