Hidden Gems of Kristiansand – Tømmerrenna

Vennesla is a small village which lies half an hour drive from Kristiansand, and offers several exciting hiking possibilities which makes it possible easily to go from the urban surroundings of Kristiansand and experience countryside. If you want a hike that is easy to walk in a couple of hours then Tømmerrenna is the perfect choice.

Tømmerrenna was built after the second World War and is an approximately 4 km long log flume that was built to carry logs through parts of river Otra with less water. Today it’s solely used as a hiking trail by the young and old. On the hike you experience a vast number of things – from walking over suspension bridges, to walking inside tunnels and by the side of the river. You can experience nature in the middle of woods. The hike is easily accessible. You follow the log flume the entire way, but if you want some variation you can choose to take the gravel path on the way back. It is possible for families with children to do this hike, however there is not enough room for the stroller. We also recommend being careful of the holes in the flume.

In your hike you will walk along Setesdalsbanen and pass Paulen farm on the way. You can choose to eat lunch by the riverbank or pick blueberries in the forest surrounding the flume. Tømmerrenna could be perfect day trip for the weekends.

Estimated time: 1-2 hour

Length: 8,7 kilometers

How to get there: Take bus 31 from Kristiansand to Grovane Stasjon in Vennesla. From here you can start the trip by going to Steinsfossen Kraftstasjon where Tømmerrenna starts.

Suitable for: Adults, children, senior

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