On 17th May Norway celebrated its National Day – the day Norway’s constitution was adopted.

The birth of a nation, baby and organization are singular events*. They fascinate all and call for celebration. We celebrate the fruition of labour. However, the inception of the idea or seed is laid well before fruition. In the case of a baby it’s conceived nine months before birth. The idea or concept of Norway was perhaps imagined the day the Treaty of Kiel was signed in January 1814.

Likewise, the inception of PenguinUp was in a taxi queue on New Year’s Eve of 2013. PenguinUp is a ride-sharing service with greatest focus on the traveller.

Today we introduce our blog, Facebook page and group. With good humour we will share tips and information on transportation, and updates about our products and services. This endeavour is a culmination of several weeks of labour. Ironically, or aptly, the day of conception is seldom celebrated. Apt perhaps because idea beats implementation 9 out of 10 times.

While the launch day is a day of celebration, we will also celebrate the day of conception. We will celebrate it as our day of awakening. Will you?

*singular event – a remarkable or special event, usually with significant consequences; Ex event of child birth – a moment before the baby did not exist and a moment later the population registry increases by 1

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