Hidden Gems of Kristiansand

Open only from June-September, 3 summer months, Setesdalsbanen captivates us with its timeless beauty. Setesdalsbanen is the first and oldest ‘living museum of railway’ operating in Norway. Setesdalsbanen tracks opened in 1896. It carried both goods and people across the valley until 1962, when it was closed. Fortunately, since 1963, the Museum of Setesdalsbanen has been under operation in summers giving people a chance to relive history!

Setedalsbanen is perfect for a half-day trip beginning at either Grovane or Røyknes station. One can chug on the train for a 30 min ride along the sharp curves of the Setesdal valley, most of it along the Otra river. At Røyknes one can buy refreshments like waffles or pancakes or make a picnic lunch next to the river. Grovane St is accessible both by private and public transport (bus 30/31).

The sheer experience of riding on old wooden bodied coaches being pulled by steam engines with sharp curves is bound to bring a smile to the young and old alike!

Opening times:  June – September All Sundays.

How to get there:

Grovane St: by car using Rv 405,

                       by Bus 30/31 towards Vennesla (check akt.no)

Price: All tickets are for round trip fares:

Children(0-3/4-15): 0/70 per person

Adults/Senior: 120/140 per person

PS: Remember to keep the ticket stub as a souvenir

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